Coder 2.0 short company profile:

Coder 2.0 is a start-up web development company that offers segment services. The mainstream is that the Coder 2.0 team has a great marketing experience, creating not only graphics and code, but true selling products using the internet as the main distribution channel. We consider every project important even if it’s small or big, always respecting deadlines and time frames, our team of consultants can guide you towards the success you could receive working online with us.

What can we do for you ?

We can work as your outsourcing company, maintaining your domains, constantly work on seo for your website, watching a long that everything is in order. Our code stands with a LIFETIME warranty! We overtake small projects, big projects, potential projects, unfinished projects or project parts.

What are our strong domains ?

We can be of assistance in the folowing domains: Web Development, Web Services, Online Marketing Audit and Consultancy, Sales Prospecting, Content Management.

How fast are we ?

Our standard projects take 24-72 hours from acceptance, never late. Custom projects need to be evaluated. Give us a sign! We are sure that we can help!